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20 Revitalized Churches in Colorado by 2020!

Pastors – Our last ReVi meeting was a few weeks ago and now we do a church site visit.  This is always mind expanding!   One of the two churches we are visiting in South Dakota went from 140 to 4000.   The time we spend with the pastor will be very much value added.  If this would be of interest to you, it is the last weekend/ Sunday of April (30th) and it would be beneficial for any of our church’s pastors or laymen to be a part of this excursion.   I often ask in my pastoral reviews if the church has had in the last 2 years any of the following:
Church site visit?
Church survey?
The churches that are looking for new and fresh ways to advance the gospel are the growing churches.

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This module serves as a foundational module for the history of Christianity. It aims at developing a historical understanding of the Christian faith and tells the story of how people responded to the call of the gospel. This module will concentrate on the history of Christianity from the Reformation era through the 20th century. Students will discover and gain a deeper appreciation for God’s redemptive purposes in people, events, movements, and cultures. Students will also be enabled to build bridges from historical understanding to personal spiritual formation, the role of the church in society, and contemporary ministry. This class is taught by Rev. Q. Miles Trumble and will be held at Springs First Church April 7 and 8 and April 21 and 22.

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March 27 – March 31, 2017

Register now for “The Goal of Youth Ministry,” taught by Dr. Mike Kipp. What is the purpose of ministry to and with young persons?  What exactly does the Church hope to accomplish? In this course, we will explore a biblical and theological purpose for ministry that will set the trajectory for youth ministry to stem the tide of young people leaving the Church (40-60%) after high school graduation. 

Register now for “Theology of Work” taught by Rich Shockey. Is work a result of the fall of humankind or is it part of God’s original plan?  This course considers the ways the biblical narratives bring meaning and context to the idea of work.  It will explore a range of issues from whether work itself is a result of The Fall, laity/clergy dynamics, the sacred/secular “divide,” and how the vocation of all Christians begins at baptism. 

Course cost is only $29*. Students who complete this week-long course successfully will earn one transcripted continuing education unit (equivalent to 10 lifelong learning hours) from NNU’s Center for Professional Development (upon request).

Enrollment is limited to just 15 adult learners per course, so sign up today. 
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