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Ministerial Class –

Christian Theology II



February 23/24 and March 2/3

Christian Theology II is an in-depth theological exploration of the person of Christ, atonement theories, salvation & sanctification, Holy Spirit, sacraments, the Church, and eschatology. Pastor Andy Lucas will be teaching this class at Emmaus Road Church in Ft Collins.
ReVi Retreat #3 Year 3 – February 2018

I trust you are enjoying the ministry opportunities of a new year, and trusting God for amazing results as you and your church partner with Him in the Great Commission. As you know, becoming a great commission church has been our ReVi theme this year. It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our three-year Vibrant Church Revitalization program! We trust it has been helpful to you in many ways.

Since this is our final session with all of you in this way, we have made arrangements for this last time together to be even more enjoyable and special.

A highlight of our gathering will be the final session when our DS will cast vision for what is coming next! Since I don’t want to play spoiler, let me just say that it is exciting, practical, engaging, and promises to be fruitful. I can’t wait for you to hear about it!

Pre-Ordination Class.
This class is by invitation only.
This class is on Saturday, February 3, and is the final preparatory class that ordinand candidates are required to take on one of the two years prior to their Ordination in the Colorado District. Topics that we’ll cover are the process from now until ordination day, Wesleyan/Armenian theology, articulating Christian Holiness, Articles of Faith. Presenters are DS Dave Ralph, Dr Kevin Compton, Rev. Gordon Smith, and Rev. Jim Lynch. Class begins at 10:00 a.m.