DAC 2017 Workshops
Workshops for District Assembly Conference 2017

FRIDAY June 16   1:00 to 2:00 pm

Pastor’s Cluster Reports – GS JK Warrick and DS David Ralph

Fellowship Hall

All pastors are to report with their Cluster Leaders

Children and NMI: Missions for All Ages – Zeida Lynch and Lou Ann Vollmer

Room 200

Join Zeida Lynch and Lou Ann Vollmer as they present how to engage the next generation of all ages in missions. 

NYI: District NYI Convention

Student Ministries Chapel – Third Floor

This is our annual NYI Convention in which we will be voting for the 2017-2018 Co-President and Council members. Reports from the various events and activities will also be given during the Convention.

Ministry: Advancing Scripture Memory- Bob Marette

Community Room

Part of a Christian’s mission should be to ADVANCE spiritually.  To do this, they must have a plan to grow.  Part of this plan should be to “hide God’s Word in their heart.” 

Scripture Memory

is a critical component to spiritual growth.  Most Christians have an “excuse” for not growing in this area.  Learn how to overcome these objections quickly and easily, so you can advance in your walk, and become “adequate, equipped for every good work.”


FRIDAY June 16   2:15 – 3:15 pm

Pastor’s Mission: Advance Challenge – DS David Ralph and Dr Isaac Smith

Fellowship Hall

All pastors are to attend to hear a dynamic report from Dr Smith about Mission: Advance.

Children’s Ministries: Why Should Our Church Have Children’s Bible Quizzing? -Ruthie Schmit

Room 100

Our children are faced with decisions every day, decisions that can pull them toward Christ or away from Him. It’s safe to say we all want our children to have a healthy and vibrant relationship with God, but what tools do we provide them that encourage, instruct, and instill God’s Word in their hearts and mind? Children’s Bible quizzing is an excellent resource to do just that! Join us as we discuss what quizzing offers, what’s involved, and investigate the possibility of YOUR church being a part of this great ministry to children.

NYI Ministries: District NYI Convention

Student Ministries Chapel – Third Floor

Continuation of our annual NYI Convention in which we will be voting for the 2017-2018 Co-President and Council members. Reports from the various events and activities will also be given during the Convention.

NMI Ministry: District NMI Council

Room 200

Join the NMI District Council to take a fresh look at missions to help you understand the many facets of this ministry and how you can implement these strategies in your local church.

Ministry: Navigating the World of Church Loans – Jeff Keller

Room 102

We will explore a variety of loan options and how to best position your Church to secure lower-interest financing.  Whether you are refinancing, building or purchasing property now or in the future you should attend this seminar.

Ministry: The Ripple Effect – How the Local Church Can Change the World – Dr Joe Gorman

Room 201

In this workshop, we will look at concrete ways that local churches, children’s ministries, and youth groups of all sizes and budgets can develop global partnerships that build the Kingdom of God and save lives.  Each of us doing what we can, can change the world one girl, one boy, one family, one village at a time with God’s help.  Dr. Joe will talk about his various experiences in Africa digging wells, building schools, educating girls and disabled children with a pair of piglets, and now running a medical clinic in rural northeastern Ghana.  

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito.” –African Proverb

Ministry:  Advancing Financially – Bob Marette

Community Room

Part of a Christian’s mission should be to ADVANCE financially. To do this, they must recognize where they are financially, determining where they want to go financially, and then put together a plan to help them get from here to there.  This includes how to increase giving, reduce and eliminate ALL debt, and be able to live with margin.  This gives them the flexibility to respond to God’s voice to minister to others.  


FRIDAY June 16   3:30 to 4:30 pm

Children’s Ministries: Children’s Ministry Round Table – Kim Davis

Room 100

Are you involved in the leadership of children’s ministry at your church? Or maybe God is calling you to be involved in the lives of the youngest in your congregation. Wherever you are at in Children’s Ministry, you are invited to attend the Round Table for Children’s Ministry where we will discuss what’s important to you.

NYI Ministries: Leading by Serving (Students) – Nick McCall

Youth Rock Room

Notice the way that Jesus interacted with his disciples to show them how to lead. He was always in the middle of whatever he was doing, showing others that to be a leader, you show others by serving. I will be encouraging students to take the initiative and step in and serve wherever they can. They will be better leaders when they commit to serving.

NYI Ministries: Prayer and Youth Ministry (Adult leaders) – Jana Burnham

Youth Waves Room

It’s true that prayer is the foundation of ministry, but sometimes in our busy ministry schedules prayer can slip through the cracks. In this workshop, we’ll slow down for a few minutes to look at how to incorporate both old school traditional methods and fresh ideas on prayer into our youth ministries. Bring your ideas too as we brainstorm together ideas to follow God’s leading in each of our unique youth ministries. 

NMI Ministry: Ministry to the Native American People – Rick Davis and John Bruneau

Room 200

Join Rick Davis and John Bruneau as they share two Colorado ministries including our traditional gift ministry and a new work and witness project.

SDMI: Meet-up with Dr Scott Daniels

Fellowship Hall

Come and hear Dr Daniels share about his journey with God and what God is drawing him to accomplish.

Ministry: Planning for a Financial Future – Mark Kulaga

Room 102

The need for financial planning is important in today’s world. This workshop will give you information that will help form and shape your financial needs.

Ministry: Healthy Churches, Healthy Families, Healthy Pastors- Self-Care for Flourishing in God’s Mission – Dr Joe Gorman

Room 201

Far too many of us consistently put the needs of others above our own legitimate needs for adequate rest, healthy food, regular exercise, or life-giving hobbies.  As a result, we find ourselves without the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual energy to fulfill God’s purposes for us.  This affects our health and our relationship with God and others.  In this workshop, we will talk about how we can nurture healthy churches, healthy families, and healthy pastors.  Healthy churches grow healthy families who are pastored by healthy pastors.  This seminar is also about holiness, for holiness and health are two sides of the same coin.