Investigating Christian Theology I 2021

Rev. Andy Lucas will be teaching this class.

This course is designed to introduce students to Wesleyan theology so that they can develop a coherent theology system and be able to articulate that theology through ministry practice and preaching.

This class is Online via Zoom (link to be provided by instructor)

NOTE TO STUDENTS All work must be electronically submitted to the instructor on time. If a deadline is missed, credit for the course will not be given and fees will not be refunded.

COURSE EVALUATION The instructor will provide valuable feedback on all assignments. Students will be given a Pass/Fail grade based on class participation, on-time completion of assignments, and satisfactory final exam. Students who do not complete the assignments on time will fail the class.

DS Ralph’s Pre-Ordination Class 2021

This class is on Saturday, February 27, and is the final preparatory class that ordinand candidates are required to take on one of the two years prior to their Ordination on the Colorado District. Topics that we’ll cover are the process from now until ordination day, Wesleyan/Armenian theology, articulating Christian Holiness, and Articles of Faith. Presenters are DS Dave Ralph, Dr Kevin Compton, as well as other pastors. Class begins at 10:00 a.m. at Colorado Springs Trinity Church of the Nazarene.

This class is by invitation only.

POW: Pastor Scott & Jackie Carranza

What a delight to worship with the Latino congregation at Grace and Life. It is so lively and so much fun to worship there. We had a marvelous Sunday and the people were so receptive and responsive to preaching!
To watch a short video of the service, click on the video below Pastor Scott’s picture on the right to download and view.

Pastor Scott has led this congregation so magnificently across the last 18 years.  I’m so impressed with his constant innovative leadership and how he does fund raising for the compassion ministry, the Academy that does Tutoring and the church itself.    Furthermore I love his drive for the power of the Spirit to aid and boost the ministry there. They are reaching and touching lives regularly!   Include them in your compassion ministry giving if you are so inclined.