October is clergy appreciation month. Churches worldwide will show their appreciation for clergy and pastoral staff members through a gift, a note of encouragement, or other method. 

Here are some ideas to show your pastors and clergy members your appreciation:

  • Organize a prayer calendar, so each pastor is prayed for every day of the month.
  • Create a slideshow presentation of pastors and clergy in action during the past year. Set it to music and play as a pre-service video.
  • Find volunteers to call or text members of your pastoral staff and clergy members in your congregation a message of encouragement and gratitude for how he or she has impacted your life and your community.
  • Invite them over for a home cooked meal.
  • Send your pastor to a conference or a retreat.
  • Throw them a “gift card” shower.
  • Give clergy families a night out to a local restaurant or gift certificate for an overnight get-away.
  • Invite children to make artwork for clergy in their church.
  • Allow members of the congregation to volunteer time serving pastoral leaders by babysitting or helping with yard projects and other home maintenance.
  • Update their office with new paint, décor, or even a technology upgrade.

On behalf of the Church of the Nazarene’s Global Ministry Center, thank you to pastors and all clergy for their labor and leadership in helping to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

The Ministry Candidate Weekend is for those ministers applying for their first district license. You must have held a local license for at least a year and have completed at least one-fourth of a validated course of study (including Becoming a Holy People and Nazarene History & Polity) to be eligible for a district license. Any history of divorce must have already been addressed, or will be addressed as a part of the Candidate Weekend process. The endorsement of your local church pastor will also be required in order to attend. If you have questions regarding eligibility, or wish to request an application packet, please contact Dr. Kevin Compton at kcompton@conazarene.org.