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 The purpose of our existence as Colorado District Church of the Nazarene is to propagate our “religious beliefs sincerely held,” which includes but is not limited to the following:

            1) Worshiping God as creator and sustainer by helping as many people as possible achieve wholeness and effectiveness in the spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, relational, and educational aspects of life.  In this we are connected to, and cooperate with the Christian community’s worldwide effort and will host or support others in like endeavor.

            2) The celebrating of worship, study, service, rites and rituals.

            3) Providing counseling, social services, retreats, camps, family life enrichment, and fellowship.

            4) Providing educational facilities for religious schools and religious day care centers.

            5) Providing facilities for sports activities and development of the physical life of individuals.

            6) Providing housing facilities for pastors, church staff members, guest speakers, itinerant missionaries, and the poor and needy, in compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

            7) The raising of funds through donations, fund-raisers, church-sponsored events, estates, grants, annuities, foundations, investments, and selling of materials; which funds will be irrevocable dedicated to further our religious purposes and mission.

            8) The acquiring of and/or use of buildings, parking lots, land, equipment and other personal property, in furtherance of our religious purpose and mission.

            9) Giving opportunities to local, national, and worldwide individuals or non-profit groups to speak or perform in keeping with our beliefs.  This includes the privilege of fund-raising for their own support.

            10) As good citizens, offering space and facility free or at cost to a reasonable number of outside groups for uses such as, but not limited to:  Community groups, other non-profit organizations, government organizations, schools, day-cares, disaster shelters, distribution centers for food and clothing to the needy, scouting and other youth organizations, sports leagues, substance abuse and rehabilitation organizations and its subsidiaries, and such others, as are keeping with the furtherance of our religious mission.

In the fulfillment of our mission we purpose to remain a non-profit organization, in that all income received above our cost of operation be put to use for the propagation of our “religious beliefs sincerely held.”

What does the Church of the Nazarene believe:

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