Golden Bell needs a miracle!
The COVID-19 response has hit Golden Bell especially hard with 100% cancellations. We realize that many of our Nazarene family, and all of our churches, are feeling the impact as well. However, the impact to Golden Bell is a bit unique. Like all of you, I am still giving to my local church without interruption. I pray each of you are as well. While churches seek to respond to this crisis by meeting the needs of their congregations for fellowship, community, and spiritual growth, they can also continue to seek donations. Golden Bell is not primarily operated by donations.

Just prior to the Governor limiting gatherings to ten or less, the camp began to experience cancelations of groups. Once Public Health Order 20-23 was implemented all revenues to the camp were eliminated. When the camp is closed all incoming revenues cease. Golden Bell immediately implemented all possible cost saving measures, including those that directly impact staff. Covering only essential functional costs requires approximately $36,000 a month. This is our camp and the people who work there are our people. They need us now more than ever. Would you be a part of the miracle God is in the midst of providing?

Would your church, or individuals within your church, consider sponsoring part of the survival of Golden Bell? Our concern is that groups lost during the shutdown are lost for at least this full year. There will likely not be a chance to regain those lost revenues. Even once the shutdown is lifted, how quickly will guests and groups return? We are trying to immediately raise enough funds to support the camp for at least ninety days. Below are the sponsorship’s representing the immediate need.

Sponsor Golden Bell for one month – $36,000
Sponsor Golden Bell for one week – $9,000
Sponsor Golden Bell for one day – $1,200
Sponsor Golden Bell for one half day – $600
Sponsor Golden Bell for one hour – $50

After supporting your local church, you can give online as a guest through the district website through this link. You can also give through the Golden Bell donation link.  Mark your donations for children 12 and under and receive 50% credit toward your Colorado State taxes through the FYI Income 35: Child Care Contribution Credit. See attached flyer for details.

God has always provided, and we believe He will again. I just listened to my pastor preach about God’s provision to Elijah through the widow of Zarephath. My He use you in a similar way.

-Blessings to you all,
Kevin Compton, Golden Bell Executive Director

Golden Bell 2020 Camp Dates

Golden Bell is extending the Nazarene Discount through the summer. $15.00 deposit!


June 15-19 2020
• Velocity Outdoor Camps JR (Grades 7-9) or SR (Grades 10-12)  $337
(*Early discount $320 Nazarene $306 deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline May 24

June 22-26 2020
• Itch-ee-ow-ee 1 (Grades 3-6)    $305 
(*Early discount $290-Nazarene $277 deadline May 1st)
•  Registration Deadline June 1

June 29- July 1
• Trailblazers (Grades 1-2)   $179 (*Early discount $170 Nazarene  $163 deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline June 9

July 6-10
• Pathfinders (Grades 3-4)   $305 (*Early discount $290 Nazarene $277  deadline May 1st)
• Explorers (Grades 5-6)   $305   (*Early discount $290 deadline Nazarene $277 deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline June 15

July 13-17
• Adventure Camp (Grades 5-8)  $310 (*Early discount $295 Nazarene $282  deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline June 22

July 20-24
• Itch-ee-ow-ee 2 Grades 3 – 6) $305 (*Early discount $290 Nazarene $277  deadline May 1st)
• MINI itchee (Grades 3 – 6) $249 (*Early Discount $237 Nazarene  $226 deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline June 29

July 27 -31
• Gravity (Grades 9-12) $361  (*Early discount $343 Nazarene $329 deadline May 1st)
Registration Deadline July 6

Welcome to Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center. Golden Bell has offered Christian summer camps, reunions and retreats year round since 1967. Getting away from the daily grind helps eliminate the mental fog of habit and routine. It allows us to take stock of our situation, see things from a new perspective and re-engage life with the right attitude.
That’s why retreats and camping is so effective! It’s all about getting away from the distractions of technology, experiencing the simple joys of nature and spending quality time with great friends.
Christian retreats and camps take advantage of all these benefits in order to encourage children, youth and adults to focus on the most important relationship in their life—the one with their Creator.
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