Women in Ministry Retreat 2020
Women in Ministry Retreat at Golden Bell March 13-15, 2020.

Women in Ministry – Uniquely Created… on Purpose

Are you a woman serving as a pastor or married to one? Then this retreat is for you!!! You were designed with ministry in your heart! You were created for a purpose and gifted with special abilities. You are a gift from God! Join us as we explore what it means to be uniquely created for our roles in ministry, and share ways to strengthen our families to increase our effectiveness and joy in serving.

Our speaker will be Vonnie Healy from Oregon, who has previously been a pastor’s and district superintendent’s wife. She has invested many years in ministry supporting the pastoral couples through retreats, one-on-one counseling and prayer.

In her words, “The Lord wants me to assure the women of how faithful He is. He knows where we belong and why He made us the way He did. He also knows what our people need from us, and the giftings He has given us to meet those needs. So, we need to listen carefully in prayer to know where He wants us. We are more satisfied when we know this.”

Join us for 3 days at Golden Bell with new and old friends. It will be a lot of fun and you will experience God’s love in action. This is a time to worship, build relationships, relax, laugh and have fun and also pray for and support one another. Ask for time off, arrange childcare, do whatever it takes to get away for a few days will so be worth it!