Pastors: We are advertising on the radio to help fill our open spots for players for the golf tournament.  KBIQ offered us some free air time, so we are taking advantage of it.  Obviously, we prefer to have Nazarenes joining us.  If you can register or encourage your players to sign up right away, that will help us.  Below is a link for you to use in your service on Sunday if opportunity allows or send it out to your folks.  We are so thankful for all your support for the campground.

Click here for a special message from Keith Metcalf, Executive Director of Golden Bell.

Enjoy a day of golf in the mountains while supporting Golden Bell on August 20!  Use the above information for instructions to register now or to be a hole sponsor!  The information can be used to advertise the event for your church, women’s or men’s groups.  Don’t forget that pastors play free when a foursome from their church completes registration.  Our special thanks to Walker Mowers for their support as our tournament sponsor.  We will have great prizes!

2018 Colorado District Prime Time Retreat
at Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center
Weekend August 17-19
Weekday August 20-23
Speaker Dr. Gary Haines was a renowned nightclub singer and entertainer in Detroit’s top clubs and elsewhere in the Midwest. He gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ in 1972 after 14 years as a professional entertainer. He now uses his voice to sing and speak the Good News of God’s salvation. 
Dr. Haines attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO where he graduated in 1975. In August 1997, the degree of Doctor of Religious Studies was conferred upon him from Trinity Theological Seminary. In addition to being a full-time preaching/singing tenured evangelist, Gary is constantly working hard to further develop his gifts and talents as a recording artist, producer, composer, and music publisher for the Lord Jesus Christ. Television and radio interviews have been numerous, and Gary has literally reached thousands of people for Jesus through this aspect of his ministry.
Gary and his wife Marti reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our Golden Bell Family Camp will take place again this year over Labor Day weekend, August 31-September 3.


Join us for family activities, devotions, great meals, fellowship with others and more!  Stay as a family in the Lodge

or in the RV Park.

This Colorado District event is through our Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries Department. Jay Boykin, who is planning this retreat, is our District Men’s Director. The retreat will be held at Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center.

Along with Jay Boykin speaking, Steve Sisson will be speaking as well. Colonel Steve Sisson, USMC (Retired), served his country in combat in Vietnam, and Iraq. He also served as an officer on the Longmont Police Department for 22 years before his recent retirement. Additionally, Steve served as a Pastor in the Church of the Nazarene for 21 years.
District NYI
Discipleship Retreat
November 2-4, 2018
Our speaker this year is Zach Bearss. Zach and family live an abundant life of adventure in the mountains of Buena Vista.   Zach grew up in Monte Vista, CO and was a part of Valley Nazarene Youth Ministry.  Zach received his call to ministry while at Golden Bell Camp. After working at Golden Bell, Zach attended Northwest Nazarene University. Zach met and married his wife Catherine while at NNU. They moved to Buena Vista in 2001.