The Dan Walker Memorial Chapel at Golden Bell is now under construction. We thank you for your continued prayers and support.

You can help financially support this project through a variety of means, including texting the word CONAZ to 84464 to donate any amount to the Dan Walker Memorial Chapel.

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Colorado Pastors, Youth Leaders & Parents

Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) occurs only once every four years and for most, presents a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to join in with thousands of Nazarene students to experience God’s presence through worship, service projects, devotions, concerts and amazing fellowship

 The purpose of NYC 2015 is to gather USA/Canada NYI students and leaders for worship, discipleship, service, celebration, and leadership development.  We also want to impact the host city and serve the people of Louisville through a variety of projects and presence.  This conference is also designed to call students to a dynamic life in Christ and provide experiences that compel them to make a difference in their church, community, district and world. 

For more information on NYC 2015 for Colorado District, click here.


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