50th Anniversary Celebration at

Golden Bell

Come for a day of celebration as our guest for FREE!  Golden Bell is combining our 50th Anniversary Celebration with our Annual Family Camp!  Join us for all day activities, meals and our celebration service on Saturday, September 2, for FREE or spend the whole Labor Day weekend with us, September 1-4!  Dr. J. K. Warrick will be our guest speaker for our special service at 4:00 on Saturday as well as our other weekend services. To attend Saturday only, please email susan.metcalf@goldenbellrocks.com so we will have enough food and programming planned for your family.  To attend the whole weekend for family camp, please register online. The schedule, more details and registration are available online at www.goldenbellccc.org

You can also donate online if you want to support Golden Bell with our matching grant challenge. Every dollar given to Golden Bell between now and December 15 will be matched!  Thank you for your support!

Wesleyan Spiritual Formation Class

Ministerial Studies Classes are September 8 -9 and September 22-23, and will be held at the District Office. Class is taught by Rev. Mickey Cox. Click here to go to the registration site.

This course teaches the vision of the Wesleyan tradition for the deeper Christian life. We use the term “Wesleyan-Holiness” to identify the tradition specifically. Wesleyan-Holiness is meant to identify the body of believers who embrace the best teachings of the American Holiness Movement and the Wesleyan Revival in 18th-century England led by John Wesley. These two strands of our heritage are blended to make the spirituality taught in this course. It is about making Christlikeness a lifelong quest and experience. Every Christian generation has produced at least two kinds of Christians: the ordinary, garden variety, and those who have found the deeper life. This course is about leading believers into that deeper life. This course is about leading believers into that deeper life.

The Ministry Candidate Weekend, January 12-14, 2018, is for those ministers who are applying for their first district license. You must have held a local license for at least a year and have completed at least one-fourth of a validated course of study (including Nazarene History and Polity) to be eligible for a district license. Any history of divorce must have already been addressed, or will be addressed as a part of the Candidate Weekend process. The endorsement of your local church pastor will also be required in order to attend. If you have questions regarding eligibility, or wish to request an application packet, please contact Dr. Kevin Compton at

HERE’S another follow up thought (more later) to DAC and a possible action point as you operate in this the new church year (that is already getting away from us):

OUR SHARED GOAL is to RESHAPE THE CULTURE! (of Colorado Naz churches)

10 Months till next DAC! (District Assm Conf)

                (Hows your thinking toward 

3 things

 (***C.B.W. See below)
A small way to get started with C.B.W.  and to reshape the culture of Colorado Nazarenes is to ask your leadership team or ch board; 

⭕  WHAT’S our Churches VISION statement?”

Do this trial questioning of your people;

 “Just What is our churches Vision statement?” 

Volunteers? Staff! Committees? Board?

If you get from your people that is it “self focused” (as Luther said; “The church turned inward”) then you have have some work to do! 

“WHAT IS our Churches VISION?”

Does the VISION include the 3 core values 


I’ve read over some of the visions in our churches and we need to ask if they are 


Here’s one local churches vision!

  • Authentic community
  • Adoration/Worship
  • Spiritual growth
  • Inclusivity… 

Where would this churches vision incorporate concrete events for C.B.W.? 

WE GET what we promote! 

                We get where we focus

                                We get what we are accountable!

Evaluate your VISION STATEMENT with your church board…

Establish a VISION committee

                An ACTION committee

                                A CBW Committee


                If your vision statement clearly states one of the 3 FOCUSES then put 3 or 4 things on your calendar to commit the church to living out the 3 focuses!

*** (Conversions; transformational stories, Baptism; a new orientation for the convert… the starting act of discipleship, Transformation Worship events.

-DS Dave Ralph