Navajo missions
Pictures and Information about this annual ministry.

Our Mission:

… to bring the joys and meaning of Christmas to every Native American we can, so that they will know that they are loved.

… to assist our Nazarene Native Americans in touching the unreached Native Americans at Christmastime.


Read about Blanche (Westfall) Byrd’s legacy.


Seeds of compassion that continue to grow among us as the vine of a Morning Glory taking root, going out, dropping seeds and blooming in new hearts and places.

Blanche (Westfall) Byrd was born July 18, 1915, the second of seven children. In her youth, Blanche worked with her parents in a Fish Restaurant and came to know the Lord as her personal savior early in life. Her heart for God’s Will was evident, expressed through attendance at God’s Bible School. Shortly after high school she was called to work in an orphanage and home missionary efforts, followed closely by the call to pastor a church in Chattanooga where she met her soon to be husband, Willie. Through the lean years of WW II, she continued to be faithful to her calling and was eventually called to Home Missions in Jellico Kentucky. Multiple moves saw her family grow and changed with surroundings. Blanche even answered a brief calling to missionary work in Cuba accompanied by two of her children.

Always ready to serve wherever needed, Blanche Byrd and family moved a great deal. By 1950, “they had been in 37 states and three countries.” 1953 saw them enter into Christ’s work among the Native American people. As pastor, missionary, cook and teacher, Blanche worked, assisted, and helped out in vast ways. “In the spring of ’57 … at the Indian Rescue Mission, Mrs. Byrd [made] Christmas donuts starting early in the morning…” with the support, help and participation of her whole family. “Starting in 1962, the Byrds did missionary work with the Nazarene Church on the Navajo reservation moving to Gallup, NM; Winslow, AZ; and Ramah, NM. They spent seven full years at Ramah. Ramah had three churches with Indian pastors to help with Bible Schools, Camp meetings, and building projects. Willie [to support the family] was still doing construction, building hospitals and schools.”

Ordained in 1965, Blanche and family moved to Lafayette CO then on to Boulder and on to the Denver area. They pastored at Kiowa the first time in 1973, continuing to move as God took them including Golden Bell. “Since leaving the Indian Reservation … they’ve managed to take ‘Christmas’ to the Indians. Mrs. Byrd tells … that the missionaries taught the Indians to celebrate Christmas in the traditional manner and without the donations taken to them the celebration would be pretty slim. True, it’s a lot of work … but it’s worth it all to see the joy on the faces of the Indian when the … caravan pull[s] in.”

Blanche Byrd, a life that counts. Blanche Byrd – a heart broken for God. Her life is “truly a worthy example of carrying a burden for lost souls and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.”

How do you count? Do we add with simple arithmetic?

Should we count… the packages? Sure, they’re part of the color and surprise of Christmas..

Should we count… the boxes of gently used clothes? Sure, they supply a need; we’re sharing blessings we’ve received.

Should we count… the bags of flour? Sure, this special flour brings addition substance to meals.

Should we count… the number of churches that have chosen to participate? Sure, it is the ever increasing vine of God’s Love that is blossoming in new hearts everywhere.

Should we count… the volunteers that contribute boxes, gifts and funds? Those that pray for the mission? …The travelers and those who will receive a piece of Christmas from their Colorado brothers and sisters? Sure, we count people because people count.

How do you count? Arithmetic? It does all count!

And how does God count? I think He does count all those we’ve mentioned. But in God’s special mathematics, He adds all that up and then He multiplies everything with His Love and with His pure Compassion and pours abundant blessings out on everyone and every thing… gifts, givers and those who receive. God’s multiplication principle opens doors, softens hearts and reaches out to His lost lambs and brings them home.

In God’s mathematics, God’s multiplication principle has eternal consequences.

Vision in Seeds of compassion

A Vision Shared —Took root, blossomed like a beautiful blue Morning Glory

Now, the Morning Glory vine is blossoming in churches across the Colorado District.


Step By Step Instructions: (the Short Answer !!)

  1. Participation and Offering (see #1, 2 & 4)
  2. Gifts Requested Allocation (see #3)
  3. Good Used Clothing & non-perishable food Collection
  4. Volunteers & Drop-Off (see #5)

The Long Answer and all those details…

  1. Mail in your “Commitment Card” early.
  2. Try to assign someone to head the NAZARENE NAVAJO NATION MINISTRY for your church.
  3. In early SEPTEMBER – receive assigned gift goals (Once assignments are complete, you will be able to click here to see what the designations are for your church.)
  4. Each church is asked to attempt to raise at least the amount indicated below that will be used to purchase flour.


Make a church check to:


c/o Hugh Sigler

7373 Crescent Dr.

Littleton, CO 80120


Send to the District NMI Treasurer as soon as possible!
Be sure to designate clearly the purpose of the offering

Suggested Gift Amounts For Flour Purchase Per Church Worship Attendance

50 & under


51 – 175


176 – 225


226 & Over



Encourage involvement of many people as possible in this ministry. Consider one of the following possibilities or create your own. Get started early! Do not wait until the last minute to get started on this special project.

Ideas & Suggestions:

  • Set offering goal [#gifts X ($15-$25)]; receive the offering. Assigned individuals go Christmas shopping and buy all the items at the same time.
  • On a Sunday prior to Thanksgiving, in addition to the regular Thanksgiving Offering for world evangelism, have a Thank Offering of non-perishable food items – each one bring one. Have a special drop point or have all food items on the altar (at the altar in boxes or grocery store shopping carts borrowed for the day).
  • Place paper ornament tags on a Christmas tree (boy doll, girl doll, mittens, gloves, etc.) identifying the gift. Include the following on each ornament: gender, age group, price limit, and suggested items. Challenge people to take an ornament (or several) and prepare the gift, putting the paper ornament tag on the package.
  • Adults could purchase all items, children of the church could box items, and teens could do the wrapping.
  • Set an offering goal; divide that goal among the different groups (e.g. Sunday School classes, teen group, Bible Study groups, etc.). Receive offering, purchase gifts and wrap, or have each group be responsible for a specific number of gifts.
  • All gifts need to be homemade or new.
  • Use the suggested gift items list to help in preparing appropriate gifts. Be sure your people have access to this list.


Gift Suggestions

Below are a few gift suggestions. You may purchase other items (be creative). Please try to keep each package comparable in value and content, as they will be going to the same church in most cases. Each packaged gift should carry a suggested value of $15-$25.

Remember: BOXES without BOWS!


Hot pads, aprons; needles/thread; dish towel sets; bath towel sets; kitchen utensils; winter gloves or hats; socks (knee highs ); head scarves; hand lotion/chapstick; hairbrush

Teen Boys

Drawing paper, school supplies; socks; baseball glove & ball; football; winter hats; sweat shirts (all large); puzzles & games; personal hygiene


Socks; Flashlights & batteries; Small tools; Leather gloves; Winter gloves; Handkerchiefs; Shaving cream; sweater caps; pocket knives; deodorant

Teen Girls

School supplies; Socks; Note pads; Books, puzzles; Sweat shirts (large); Winter gloves; Personal hygiene


Toys; Socks; Puzzles; Mittens/winter gloves; Toothbrush & paste; Winter hats; Coloring books; Crayolas; School supplies


Booties; Winter hats; Lotion; Mittens; Infant clothes; Infant toys; Infants supplies

Print a Commitment Card

Please notify us of your intention to participate in this District wide Christmas project.
Gift Assignments
Gift assignments are complete now. Below is the list for each church.
If you have questions, please email Rick Davis (see below) for clarification or more info. Thank you for participating!

Pastor Rick Davis
1520 Edmunds St, Brush, Co. 80723
Cell 719-289-6373

These are the general instructions for wrapping and shipping donations.

Wrapping Instructions:


  1. All food should be put into shipping type boxes (with tops) and taped shut with strapping tape. (Banana Boxes work well)
  2. Be sure not to have any box weighing more than 50 lbs.
  3. Place a prepared FOOD SHIPPING LABEL on the side each box of food. Food Boxes should not bear the name of a Navajo Church. These donations will be allocated to the Navajo churches based on the Morning Worship population in those churches.


From: your church
(Colorado Church)

  1. Food and food boxes ARE NOT to be wrapped with Christmas paper.
  2. Please DO NOT put any gifts in the food boxes.
  3. In some cases, churches have been asked to give gifts to more than one church. Food should not bear the Navajo Church name.


  1. Wrap each individual gift with Christmas type paper.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY BOWS. They get smashed in the shipping process.
  3. Place the appropriate GIFT LABEL on each gift. Here is a sample of the pre-prepared labels.
  4. Please take note of the specific designations: “LATE CHILD” (ages 8-11), “EARLY CHILD” (ages 4-7), “TODDLER” (ages 1-3), and “INFANT” (ages up to 1). The GIFT SUGGESTIONS have not been changed.

To:     (Assigned Church)    

From:     (Your Church)    


  1. Once all gifts are finished place them in shipping type boxes (with tops) and tape shut with strapping tape.
  2. Be sure not to have any box weighing more than 50 lbs.
  3. Place GIFT SHIPPING LABEL (see samples below indicating the right and wrong way to fill out label) on each box of gifts being sure to indicate on the label all information requested. Please take note that though we have divisions in the “CHILD” and “INFANT” categories, the shipping labels still have these divisions. Due to the confined space on these labels we do not want to further restrict them so we are asking that you indicate the total number of “LATE CHILD” gifts and “EARLY CHILD” gifts in a particular shipping box and put that number on the appropriate “CHILD” line (girls’ gift count on girls’ line, etc.); add the total number of “TODDLER” gifts and “INFANT” gifts in a particular shipping box and put that number on the “INFANT” line.

    The first sample-shipping label below is the correct way to prepare them (always use numbers indicating how many of that type gift is in this box). The second sample is the incorrect way to prepare them (never use a b or an X).


TO: _________________________
FROM: ______________________
(Colorado Church)

Please indicate the number of gifts for each category below that are contained in this shipping box only:

Adult Women   2  
Adult Man   1  
Teen Girl   1  
Teen Boy   1  
Early/Child Girl   2  
Early/Child Boy   2  
Late/Child Girl   2  
Late/Child Boy   2  
Toddler/Girl   2  
Toddler/Boy   2  
Infant/Girl   2  
Infant/Boy   2  

Please DO NOT put any EXTRA gifts in boxes with other types of gifts! Ship them in their own box labeled “EXTRA GIFTS”.

Wrong Way

TO: _________________________
FROM: ______________________
(Colorado Church)

Please indicate the number of gifts for each category below that are contained in this shipping box only:

Adult Women   x  
Adult Man   x  
Teen Girl   x  
Teen Boy   x  
Early/Child Girl   x  
Early/Child Boy   x  
Late/Child Girl   x  
Late/Child Boy   x  
Toddler/Girl   x  
Toddler/Boy   x  
Infant/Girl   x  
Infant/Boy   x  

Please DO NOT put any EXTRA gifts in boxes with other types of gifts! Ship them in their own box labeled “EXTRA GIFTS”.

Please DO NOT put any food or used clothing items in the gift shipping boxes (this does not apply to new clothing wrapped in individual Christmas gift boxes).

  1. In some cases, churches have been asked to give gifts for more than one church. If this is the case, please be sure to use separate shipping boxes for each church and use the appropriate shipping label for that church.

Extra Gifts

  1. Extra gifts have special labels. Please be sure to indicate in the space provided the type (age and gender) of the extra gift.

To: Extra
FROM: _________________
Gift Type: _____________
(Indicate Age/Type, Category, and Gender)

  1. Place all extra gifts in a separate shipping box and use the appropriate EXTRA GIFTS SHIPPING LABELS on that type box being sure to complete the requested information on the label. Last stop on the “pick up” schedule is Pueblo First Church of the Nazarene, Pueblo CO. For other collection sites and schedules see instructions under Collection/Drop Off Locations.

Attachment of Labels to Boxes

Please place label in prominent place on box and attach securely with clear packing tape.

© Copyright 2015 Nazarene Navajo Nation Ministries – All Rights Reserved

Travel Info

December 2017 Delivery Trip Schedule

Packages must be delivered to each drop off site by the deadline date and time for your area. Please have all packages ready for loading one hour before the departure time. Listed below are the departure times. All those helping to load the truck MUST be there early as weather may play a part in when the truck actually leaves. You may also travel down with the truck on Thursday. As soon as the truck is loaded it will leave for the next pick-up point. Please note: Be sure and contact the church office at your respective drop off sites.

Help Load the Semi Saturday Morning November 25th at
10:00am North Eastern Colorado — Morgan Church:

Morgan Church of the Nazarene, 221W. 7th Ave., Fort Morgan, CO 80701, 970-868-3305

Western Colorado – Palisade Western Slope Area
Palisade Church of the Nazarene – 3595 Front St., Palisade

970-464-7770 Gifts need to be at the church by November 25th.

Wednesday: November 29th, 2017 – Help Load Semi-Truck at
10:00am Northern Co. and The Greater Denver Area
The Crossing Church of the Nazarene
3501 W. 104th Ave., Westminster, CO 80031, Church hours are 8:00-4:30 please call before delivering boxes, 303-469-5149
Drop of date is Monday November 27th through Wednesday November 29th. Trailer will be loaded and Lorenzo will pick up the trailer no later than 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30th.

11:30 am Colorado Springs – Greater Springs Area
First Church of the Nazarene – 4120 E. Fountain Blvd., Co. Springs. 719-569-5119
The loading time may be earlier, perhaps as early as 11:00am.


1:30pm Arkansas Valley – Pueblo
Pueblo First Church – 84 Stanford Ave., Pueblo
I-25 to Central/Northern Ave., turn right, turn left on Northern, go to Lehigh and turn right, turn left on Stanford. 719-564-3209
The loading time may be earlier, perhaps as early as 12:30pm.

3:30 pm – Trinidad Nazarene Church

733 Stonewall Avenue, Trinidad, CO

Loading time may be earlier, perhaps as early as 2:30 pm




Travel Info

Thursday and/or Friday: November 30th / December 1st, 2017 – Travel to Gallup, NM.
Stay at the
Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: (505) 726-5380

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone needs to call and reserve their own rooms. We have a block of rooms set aside listed under Nazarene Navajo Nation Christmas Project, at $89.99 per night.

Reservation deadline is November 25th.

Best Western


Friday: December 1st, 2017 Check in at the Motel

Meet at Golden Corral Restaurant at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 1st.  We will go over all of the plans for Saturday morning.  Everyone is responsible for their own meals.  We have the private dining room reserved.

GALLUP, NM 87301

Golden Corral

Saturday: December 2nd, 2017 (check out)

  •    Twin Buttes Church, Gallup – Worship Celebration
  •    Lunch with Navajo Brothers and Sisters at Twin Buttes
  •    Unload Semi & Distribute Gifts to Churches
Twin Buttes 1
Twin Buttes 2


Sunday Option:

You may choose to worship at one of the Navajo Churches. You must make your own arrangements and get your own directions.

Approximate costs:
Gallup, NM – Best Western Plus 89.99+ tax, Double Occupancy

Each person needs to bring adequate funds to cover meals and incidentals. Saturday lunch is usually provided by the Navajo.

Please contact Pastor Rick Davis by November 25th with your reservations and your intent to travel with us to deliver the gifts and tour.

Nazarene Navajo Nation Ministry

The goal of the NNN Ministry is as follows:

  1. To bring the joys and true meaning of Christmas to every Native American we can, who might otherwise have none.
  2. To assist our Nazarene Native Americans in touching the un-reached Native Americans at Christmas time.
The Colorado District sends gifts to Nazarene Churches on the Navajo Nation District.

You should have received your assignment at the annual convention in June.

Please read over this information thoroughly and feel free to ask any questions you might have. If you have questions or suggestions please contact:

Pastor Rick Davis
1520 Edmunds St, Brush, Co. 80723
Cell 719-289-6373

Boxes Boxes Boxes

Please DO NOT send gifts in “gift bags”. Please DO NOT send clothing in “plastic bags”.