Providing Christian Education for All Ages
Course Description:
A study of the role of Christian educational ministries in developing mature and healthy believers and congregations with a particular focus on the key leadership tasks of directing an effective educational ministry in a local congregation.
Course Instructor: Dr. Jerry Storz
Christian Education/Leadership and Ethics Program Director Nazarene Bible College
Tower Community Fellowship
1800 S. Tower Rd Aurora, CO 80013
303-918-2676 (Cell);  Click to Email the Instructor
Course Schedule: March 24, 6-10pm; March 25, 8am-4pm
                                  March 31, 6-10pm; April 1, 8am-4pm
There is a great need for this outreach! The plans are to secure a Ministry Center for the Refugee Ministry to be based out of. This could be part of our Mission in providing some upgrades to a Ministry Center once secured. We would also do outreach efforts to the Refugee Camps which would include food distribution and Children’s activities.
When: April 12 – 22, 2023
Where: Belgrade, Serbia – Refugee Assistance
Mission: To work/assist refugees and connect/assist with other Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and to encourage Nazarene Volunteers currently serving there. The current Team is going through stages of church planting and networking and connecting with refugee work through local churches and other NGO’s. Work may include warehouse repairs, organization, English teaching, food prep for refugees, food distribution in refugee camps, and kids activities for refugees.
Cost: Estimated Ground Cost (Food, Lodging, W&W Insurance, local transportation:
– $75/Person/Day x 11 Days = $ 825.00
– Flight Estimate (Delta) As of 11/1/22 = $ 1100.00
– W&W Insurance = $3.25/Day x 11 Days = $ 35.75
– Contingency ($25) & Field Leadership Love Gift ($25) $ 50.00
Total Cost = $ 2010.75
If you are interested in this exciting opportunity to make a difference in a very troubled region, please prayerfully consider serving with the CO District representatives in Serbia. We are praying for at least 12 volunteers!
You may contact John Bruneau, Colorado W&W, at 303-328-7303 or
A message by John Bruneau, CO District Work & Witness President:
Hello Everyone!
I wanted to give an update on our Colorado District efforts to send a Team to Belgrade, Serbia, April 12-22, 2023. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!
The Missionaries there are Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Coordinators for the Region who are pioneering a new work in Belgrade to establish the Church of the Nazarene there.
A large part of their ministry is reaching out to refugees who have been forced to leave their homes because of factors like war and other dangers in their home countries. Many of these people are migrating, scrambling to find a place where they can have a chance to find safety and hope for their future and their children in Serbia. 4200 refugees are stuck in this struggle in Serbia.
Our Mission work will include outreach to the area Refugee Camps with food service, English classes, Children’s ministry and rehab work at their ministry center.
If you would like more info or would like to listen in on our next Zoom meeting in February we would love to have you at least hear about the Mission and pray along with us in the preparation of this Mission work.

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