This retreat is for paid full or part-time youth pastors and will be August 11-13 at Golden Bell. We have had many youth pastors move in the past 2 years from our district. And thanks be to God, we have had several new youth pastors arrive to churches on our District. Every time we get together, we normally have students with us. So this would be a time to get away and really get to know each other; begin to understand each other; and begin the teamwork process.


*Monday Night Chuck Wagon Dinner

*We would be doing our own cooking

*Ideas you have

EVENT Coordinator Meeting

I would possibly like to see the event coordinators stay around on Tuesday, and for us to do the detail work for our events for the next 1 to 2 years. So we can have it done; completed, worked on.

-NYI President Ed Belzer

Shepherding God’s People 2019

This class introduces students to the important task of pastoral care and counseling in the context of the local church. Caring for people is a central part of the role of those who enter the ranks of ordained ministry. Jesus’ words to Peter, “Take care of my sheep” (John 21:16), apply to all who are called to shepherd or pastor.

The class will help students understand and practice the ways of Christian “soul care” in a manner that is comprehensively faithful to the biblical faith and human existence. This “soul care” is not the exclusive responsibility of the ordained clergy, but includes the laity in the ministry of the whole church.
September 13 and 14/ September 27 and 28, 2019
Colorado District SDMI Women’s Retreat
September 13-15, 2019
This year’s speaker will be Rev. Kim Davis, Children’s Pastor and ordained minister at CS Trinity Nazarene Church. Nikki Nielsen, Worship Pastor at The Crossing Church in Westminster, will be leading us in worship. Come with us as we head to the mountains in order to seek God and connect with one another. We will be gathering from all over Colorado to worship and connect as women in Christ. Join us as we grow deeper in our love for God and for one another by learning together what it means when God calls us to the beauty of the here and now.

The early bird payment is $149 per person. 2 nights/4 meals with a minimum of 3 to a room. No Friday night meal. Check-in starts at 3:00 on Friday. We will need to collect roommate and number of people per room or ask if they would like for us to assign them to a room.

The price for women’s retreat is currently $149. This is our EARLY bird price. We will increase the price to $169 (an additional $20) starting on August 20.

The Ministry Candidate Weekend is for those ministers applying for their first district license. You must have held a local license for at least a year and have completed at least one-fourth of a validated course of study (including Becoming a Holy People and Nazarene History & Polity) to be eligible for a district license. Any history of divorce must have already been addressed, or will be addressed as a part of the Candidate Weekend process. The endorsement of your local church pastor will also be required in order to attend. If you have questions regarding eligibility, or wish to request an application packet, please contact Dr. Kevin Compton at