This is a note to let all churches in Colorado know that we had to cancel the annual trip to the Navajo Reservation in December.

On November 16, the Navajo Tribal Elders enacted a lock down order for the Navajo Nation effective through 12/06/2020 due to a Covid19 outbreak on the reservation. This means that the Navajo people will not be able to leave their homes to travel to Gallup and pick up their gifts.

Since most of you have already purchased the gifts for the Navajo people, we would ask that you store them until we are able to reschedule a trip to Gallup, NM.

We are hoping that we will still be able to have the flour and beans delivered to Gallup so that the Navajo churches can pick up the essential products that they need when the lockdown is lifted, so please continue to send finances for this project.

If you have made motel reservations for this trip, please be sure to call the motel and cancel those reservations.

Please continue to pray for our Native American brothers and sisters who have been hit extremely hard by this pandemic. With God’s help, we will be able to get through and flourish in these difficult times.

Thank you and God bless

-Pastor Rick Davis
NNNM Coordinator
Colorado District NMI President

Please contact me if you have any questions.


As you know, we had to cancel this year’s PowerSurge Discipleship Retreat at Golden Bell.  We received news last Monday that Teller County, in which Golden Bell resides, increased their restrictions allowing only 50 people in a meeting room, ultimately affecting how we would safely and wisely operate this year’s PowerSurge in person. We all were heartbroken that this event could not take place.

At this point in time, our President Ed Belzer has sent back registration refunds to your church like we have done in the past with Main Event. If you are one of those youth groups that was willing to allow your registration money to go to Golden Bell to help them financially during this down time, that would still be great. But you will need to send them a different check, as it was becoming too conflicting to do it through our registration system

But PowerSurge wasn’t totally over completely! We had a virtual PowerSurge service last Saturday morning. It was recorded for anyone to watch later if they missed it at 10 am. It is now available to view at this link:

Click here to go to the YouTube video

Keep praying for our students and adult NYI sponsors across Colorado. It is becoming mentally and emotionally difficult for everyone because of cancellations and changes that we encounter everyday it seems.